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The need of good product and fast service in early 2000 led to the establishment of Brajeshwori Group. Our founder Mr. Shatrudhan Prasad Dhakal after many researches decided to quit his job and start a business which is now 18 years old in the market and still growing stronger everyday. Brajeshwori group then became the importer of many FMCG.

Our company has always worked towards the economical development of the country by bringing the product that are already available worldwide but not in Nepal. After having a good name in import business the company decided to manufacture it’s own product i.e. baby diapers named ‘Nyano’ and ‘Tender Touch’ which is doing extremely good in the market. A team of over 200 dedicated individuals guided by strong values,  morale and high ethical standards helps the company grow and achieve its goals and objectives. This strong belief, teamwork and constant effort of the employees has helped Brajeshwori Group to do its best in manufacturing, export and import business.

Brajeshwori Group is proud of the strong relationship built with different multinational companies and the multiple brand that we represent. We are authorized importer of Jyothy Laboratories which include products  named  (Henko, Fena, Pril,Ujala, Mr. White etc) and also an authorized importer of multinational brand Akzonobel. Also Brajeshwori Group manufactures diapers and exports it to different companies of India. Brajeshwori Group has expanded its business to Brajeshwori Industries, Brajeshwori overseas, Brajeshwori International, Brajeshwori Global House and Brajeshwori Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd.